Teaching Assistant

  • Winter Term 2022/23: Fast Reliable and Secure Coded Computing, Technical University of Munich (graduate level)

  • Summer Term 2022: Coding Theory for Storage and Networks, Technical University of Munich (graduate level)


  • Winter Term 2017/18: Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences (undergraduate level)

Student Supervision

I am always looking for good students interested in Research Internships, Bachelor Thesis or Master Thesis. Please check out my TUM Website for detailed information and do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Research Internships

    • Federated Learning Framework for Deep CSI Compression (graduate level) - in progress

    • Secure Federated Learning (graduate level) - completed

    • Secure Record Linkage via Multi-Party Computation (graduate level) - completed

    • Coding Theory for Secure and Scalable Blockchains (undergraduate level) - in progress

    • MAB-Based Efficient Distributed ML on the Cloud (graduate level) - available

  • Master Thesis

    • Private and Secure Federated Learning - available

  • Working Students

    • Tutor for our graduate level course "Fast Reliable and Secure Coded Computing" (employed since October 2022)

    • Research assistant for implementation tasks centered around federated learning (employed from May - July 2022)